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I just recently broke up with my ex because he was hanging out with his bisexual friend more then me...It just really became uncomfortable because before I even knew that he was bi-sexual my boyfriend would try to include him on our dates it was just really weird people call me shalllow but I'm having that gut filling that they may have something going on. I did ask him if he could be but he said that he wasn't but I just feel that he is not telling me the truth because it maybe he is not ready to come out and tell me the truth or he just maybe confused. What do you guys think?


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  • Maybe he's just scared of what you'll say if you find out a lot of people find it awkward to come out, and if you dumped him because he was hanging out with his bi-sexual friend he may feel even more awkward and as if you wouldn't accept him for being bi

    • I'm not going to accept it not saying that I would judge him because of it but I wouldn't make him feel even more uncomfortable I just think it's selfish to hide something like that from someone you care about. I guess he just wants me to just get the hint instead of just coming out with it

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