Ladies, How Would You Prefer Your Ex to Act Around You?

My ex broke up with almost a year ago after almost a year of dating. We have mutual friends in common and attend some of the same events and parties at times.

When my ex broke up with me, she told simply never loved me and didn't feel the passion for me that she should feel for someone with whom she is spend the rest of her life. It hurt to hear that and too be rejected, but I accepted it even though I tried to get her back (just once).

Anyway, after months of NC, I would see her here and there and I have always smiled and said hello to her. I stopped trying to talk to her because after I made small talk with her once she went cold and rude towards me (I later found out that she was asking around if I was dating someone and was convinced I was. I was not, but socialize with women).

Would it be better for me to simply ignore her going forward? Do women find it creepy or assume that an ex wants to get back together with them if they smile and say hi to them? Would it be more comfortable for ladies if exes didn't smile or say anything at all?

I don't want to chase her again, but I want to also be civil and take the high road. Of course, I would love it if she came back to me. But, I am a realist.

Thanks for any insight.


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  • For me personally...

    I either never want to see them again...

    or be friends.

    and if I never want to see you... you know.

    • Thanks...I think she never wants to see me again depsite giving me the whole "let's stil be friends". The problem is that we are in the same social circle, so I think she does not want to appear crass to our circle by ignoring me. So, she smiles/nods and nothing more.

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    • When we are single, we never like to see our ex's happy and with someone :P

      I wouldn't be rude to her.. Smile.. nod.. but don't go out of your way to talk to her much beyond that.

    • Yes, thanks. That is exactly what I have been doing.

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