Can I make him miss me and want me back?

Can I make him miss me and want me back, that he reminds the good times and realizes that he doesn't want to live without me?

while breaking up he cried really hard, he said he really loved me and thinks I'm the sweetest girl in the world but doesn't want to hurt me anymore.

(a few days before I cried for the first time before his eyes)

first we didn't contact each other, then we talked face to face about the break up (he doesn't know why it didn't feel good anymore between us, he looked sad..) , and we haven't seen or spoken each other in 2 weeks and 4 days but I really miss him. My birthday is in 2 weeks I actually hope he'll show up.. I miss him like hell

I really want him back and I can't stop thinking about him..

Guys, what do you think I can do to make him want me back..? miss me like crazy, remember the good times and such..?


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  • Just wait it out girl...I've been there.Act like you don't care about the breakup.That's all you can do at this point so you don't end up looking desperate.Just go living your life.If is meant to be,he will come around and make things happen with you again.Don't contact him or do any of that.But you must also prepare yourself for the posibility that he won't be in your life again.:( And if that's the case,accept it although it will be difficult.Through acceptance you will be able to move on to healing.And eventually you will find someone new.I hope things work out.

    • Thanks for BA.:)

      Please give updates of what happens...

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  • I assume he already misses you. I don't think that is the issue. I think you need to convince him that the breakup was a mistake and whatever issues brought it about can be resolved. If the breakup is because he felt that he was hurting you too much as you suggest, then you need to convince him otherwise. Either you can show him he isn't hurting you like he things or propose ways that he can stop hurting you if he has been. The critical thing is to get beyond that which broke you two up. That should be addressed sooner rather than later.


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  • He said he doesn't want to hurt you anymore...I'm assuming that there is more to this story than you are leading on to.


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