Why would he cheat on me?

So I found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me. Ironically enough the girl he was cheating on me with looks a lot like me. I can't wrap my head around why he would cheat on me, especially with someone who looks so similar to me. I thought we had a great relationship both physical and emotional, apparently I was way wrong. Why would he cheat on me?


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  • Some guys try to get the best of both worlds. You did nothing wrong in this situation; it is purely his fault. Cheating is a choice. While I cannot tell you the exact reason why your boyfriend cheated on you, I can give some theories...

    Obviously your boyfriend did not care about your feelings or anything long term if he chose to cheat. He might have been bored with the relationship and maybe that's what caused his eyes to stray. Some guys don't like the idea of settling down and want to hook up whenever they want. Some guys just aren't that mature.

    As to why he chose a girl that looked like you? He probably just wanted a knockoff version of you. I dealt with that once. My crush expressed feelings towards me and then went out with a girl that had the same hair, eyes, height, and interests as me. My friends told me that the reason he did that was because he knew he had to work to get me and that it was easier to go with someone easy that reminded him of me. Your boyfriend probably thought very similar. Maybe in his head, if the other girl looked like you, that justified his reasoning that what he was doing was correct. That because she looked like you, she "was you".

    I know that you're very upset right now, but trust me girl, you can do better. In the future, find a guy that doesn't have a record of cheating. Maybe you and your boyfriend had great physical connection, but he obviously didn't have much loyalty to you.


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  • He likes the features you two girls have, probably similar breast and butt size, hair color etc. He just wanted to try some new meat.

    • Then why not just break up with me?

    • Because he is a pig, he is probably good looking, and knows you will put up with his bad attitude. Because you sound like you didn't break up with him, see he got away with it so he did it.

What Girls Said 2

  • Cheating is not about finding someone who looks different than your partner.

    It's about the thrill that comes along with it.

    It is about fulfilling something you feel isn't there in your relationship (whether that be physically, emotionally or both).

    If those aren't his reasons, another possibility could be is that he isn't mentally mature enough to commit.

  • Perhaps he just not one ready for a full commitment, or doesn't fully respect women. Either way no one deserves that type of behavior , hope he isn't in your life any more.


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