Would this be a rude request on someone's birthday?

So my friend's birthday is today, but we are going out on Saturday to celebrate. She wants to go clubbing, which I am excited to do. But I'm kind of low on funds.

Here's why:

I unexpectedly have to move by the end of this month, so I'm trying to scrape together first and last month's rent for an apartment. My boyfriend is going in on it with me, but I will have to save at least the amount of one paycheck to afford half of the first and lasts month's rent.

I wasn't expecting to have to move, and was told at the end of August. So now I am scrambling to find a place and to get in.

Anyways, we are going out and I am a little short on cash. I had student loans and my phone bill take out a decent chunk of the money from my pay last week, plus groceries and gas. So I budgeted only 40 bucks for going out (which is really all I can afford to spend).

Would it be rude to ask my friend to try to stick to bars without cover, or at least only go to places with cheap cover or no cover? Or would this be a terrible move to make on my friend's special day?

My birthday was just a few weeks ago, and I didn't do anything special. Mainly because I have been so busy looking for a place and trying to save. My last paycheck was the first paycheck I had since finding out I had to move (so I didn't save much of my paycheck before). I I had known I would have saved more, and I don't get paid again til next week.

I have about 350 saved for my down payment on an Apartment. But I know I will need at least 900 bucks to cover my end.

I know that might seem like much, but rent where I live isn't cheap. And I've only been out of school for just over a year, had to move several times. So it's been hard for me to save anything (always having to arrange/pay for moving trucks, come up with first and last).

What do you guys think?
My friend wants to go bar-hopping. And there aren't many high end clubs in my city, but some will still charge cover, even if they don't have anything going on and they are a crap bar. My friend, who lives at home doesn't pay bills. But I don't want to be a killjoy either.

I feel really bad, but financially I'm just not in a good place right now. She will be very upset if I don't come.

Also, would it be rude to only go out for a few hours (like maybe 3?).


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  • That completely depends.

    Are the two of you close? Does she know of your existing money issues?

    If she does, then telling her would make sense to her and she shouldn't be surprised.

    If she doesn't know anything about it, she may she you're just trying to make excuses.

    As for not staying out long, what is the point of leaving earlier than everyone else?


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  • She is your friend so tell her the truth.

    If she is not pleased get a new friend.



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  • i don't think that you should say anything. How much would a high end club cost where you live? If it came down to it you could just not really drink any spend the money on cover then leave early when you run out of money.

    • That's the thing, my friend will be all upset that I'm not drinking. :S

    • I am sure that if you explain that you are low on money she would understand. You can tell her that you have a budget of 40 dollars. If she really wants you to drink that bad maybe she would go to places with little to no cover?

  • If she is your friend she might change her plans. I know I have after a friend was honest with me.


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