Are there different kinds of smiless...?

So basically I've been good friends with this guy for a little over a year only problem is that he has a girlfriend of like two years and I like him a lot. We've gotten closer ever since my ex and I broke up and he was there for me. Now, he's talking about his girlfriend less and less when he's around me and he usually talked about her a lot more. He goes running with me and he went behind me and put both of his hands on my arms and shook me as like a joke and then I kind of touched his hand. Then when he's talking about something and I was looking for it, he moved my head with his hand. Also, during lunch today he was sitting across from me on the benches and gave me a closed mouth smile but like smiled with his eyes and stared at me for some time so it looked kinda flirty. Whenever he sees me pass in the hall he always touches me like punches my arm gently or will give my high fives sometimes with our fingers interlocking. People do comment on how we flirt all the time but it makes my ex angry because my ex is this guys best friend... help? Do you think he kinda likes me?


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  • in that way, maybe. if this is all the info you have, it's thin. he may be developing feelings for you, but if he has, he's also checking you out to see if you are reciprocating. some of this intel is wishful thinking as far as I can tell. and yes, there are different kinds of smiles.


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