Can I get my ex boyfriends mum arrested?

Can I get her arrested if I ask her to stop letting my ex harass me and she doesn't do anything to stop it? She basically just ignores me and then he just texts me 24/7 she pays for his phone bill and everything so he's still on her plan.


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  • No. Your ex is the one committing the harassment, you CAN block his number. If not, get HIM arrested.


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  • I don't understand how you correlate his mom from him constantly texting you. She has nothing to do with between you and he, so keep her out of this.

    Honestly, have his number blocked or just ignore his texts. He'll get the point eventually.


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  • OMG why would you try to get his mom arrested? what did she ever do to you? its kind of stupid cause he is the one to cause it and she is the mom but kids these days don't listen to their parents anyways. get him arrested. why are you going for the mom? that is just stupid!

    • Dont come on my question to be a ****. F***outta here.

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    • you're*

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