Can someone help me with a mystery girl?

So I can't figure out this super cute girl that I work with. I am pretty confident that we have a mutual crush on each other, I can just feel it. Problem is she has a boyfriend. I am totally cool with being just friends, but she sends me such mixed signals that it confuses the heck out of me. She is shy and pretty quiet typically. When I first started she would blush and get really nervous around me, catch her staring at me, act really fidgety and could barely even get a sentence out the first time I stopped her to talk stumbling over her words. We both sort of have found ways to be around each other in the hallways at work. Starting with going to the break room at the same time every morning, if not then a break in the afternoon. Slowly over time we began to walk and talk in the hallways almost daily. She doesn't do this with any other guys at all. It's up and down, hot and cold. Recently they moved my office to the other side of the building and she says "at least we'll have our morning chats together." Then she goes aloof and I don't really see her for over a week, which is super unusually because we talk all the time. Then I run into her and tell her to stop by my new office area and she says "ok I will today" I'm thinking there is no way she would. I email her later (first time I've done this) about an article I read in the paper about something she likes and she comes running down to my office. We chat for a few minutes, nervously/awkwardly as many of our conversations are. Coworkers keep attempting to join our convo and she just kind of acknowledges them politely, but stays focused on me and our conversation. I emailed her again in the afternoon and she eagerly/swiftly replied back. I replied back to her kind of a closed ended response and never heard back. I can tell she enjoys being around me and always ttys to extend conversations with me. I know this is long winded and probably boring, but if any girls could give me advice I'd appreciate it! Thanks!


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  • Maybe she has a crush on you,maybe she doesn't.Its probable she could be just fond of you as a friend.There is nothing I can really say here but be a good friend and that's it.She is taken...she has a boyfriend.I act the way she does with guys that I think are super fun as friends...but it doesn't mean I want to date them.I'm not discrediting the fact that you think she is interested in you,I'm just saying be her friend because she is taken at the moment, and there is a probability that she thinks you're cool as a person hence her eagerness to be around you.

    • Well if we run into each other numerous times in a row at the same time each morning she will have some sort of excuse as to why. Like oh I was stuck in traffic, like to throw me off or something. What's up with that? She also gets very nervous around me sometimes which makes me nervous.

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