Does a prosecutor have you to verify information when filing an order?

i propose to my boyfriend yesterday. I even purchased the ring. we been together since November and I been staying with him since then. he said yes, but I feel he tells others different. on Facebook, his family has not added me to see who I was. only one friend added me but it was to be nosey on my Facebook page. I am the only one spreading it around that we are engaged to be married. he is Facebook active all the time, but I thought a person who was happy spread the word on the social network where their family is to notify them of the engagement. his ex is still calling and texting his phone. he put a lock code on his phone. he refuse to let me text his ex girlfriend back or call her back. he refuse to let me do anything that has something to do with her. she know we are together, but he has not told her about the engagement at all. he even answer her calls when he repeatedly complain that she calling/texting too much. he said he was gonna file a restraining order against her. he said that over 90 times and have not made one step towards it. he don't want me to touch her and will not tell me where she stay at. she can call/text all day long, I will not know. he still will not be mad. people say if he yes and I purchased the ring he can pretty much do whatever because he did not buy it with his money. I told him If his ex is harassing him like he say, go file a report. He told me okay and I was the driver that day. We went to the prosecution attorney and he went in the office by himself while I waited. he said he was gonna file harassment charges. I went into the office today to see the paper work. He only filed a complaint and the letter has his last name as her last name. The letter was Unverified. The address head was correct with her first and last name but when it says dear (his last name) shows up.


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  • yes, the info has to be verified. correct name address, so that they can be served.

  • are you the woman who is to deploy this week?

    • Ya I leave on Friday but Its confusing me because the letter has his last name as her last name when her real name was addressed in the sending correctly

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    • She's engaged to him but he's not engaged to her...that's how he see it

    • there can be no engagement if both parties aren't in agreement.

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