Is she having second thoughts?

So this girl and I dated for a little while and it ended badly. Pretty much to the point where we hated each other. We work together and things have gotten better since it all ended about 9 months ago. She had a few problems with another ex after me and she said all these crazy things she was going to do this summer. I told her that she wouldn't do any of them and I ended up being right about all of them. I have never brought this up to her because we get along like two normal people would. We are friendly to each other at work and talk and joke around like nothing ever happened before.

Last night we worked together. I was wasn't very busy, but I was working on the computer and she was just in my office with me. I could tell out of the corner of my eye that she was just looking at me the whole time. Whenever I would look away from the computer at her she would quick look away like she hadn't been looking. So I started to test her. She continued her eye habits and whenever I would catch her looking she would always quick look away in the "oh sh*t he caught me looking" kind of way. She seems to be acting more like she used to way back when we started talking. May she possibly be having second thoughts about me?


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  • Who dumped who?

  • It's possible she's having second thoughts, sure.

    But it could also just be nostalgia, remembering the good times you two did share. She may have been reminiscing in her head about how the two of you ended up where you are today, thinking about what happened and why it may have happened.


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