How do you move on after becoming really attached to one person?

me and this girl I liked have gone our separate ways , I really did like her but things didn't work out . but I got really attached to her and a little obsessed . now I don't know how to move on and just forget about her or date someone else . I'm just so upset at what happened over her that I don't know what to do


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  • Alcohol took care of my problems just fine. lol jk.

    I find that concentrating on other things helps a lot, developing a new interest in non-woman related subjects, getting exercise of any kind, eating better, meditating.

    I look on all break-ups as the perfect catalyst to change oneself for the better. Now you will have more free time to actually do this. It is also helps on stopping the constant mental loop of you thinking about her. For the most part what is the past is the past and what is gone is gone, once people accept this they can move on.

    The numb feeling of helplessness goes away in time. Consider this a learning experience.

    • the mental loop is definity frustrating , I actually find I'm thinking about her more now than before what happened last Saturday to cause us to go apart . I think if I change for the better I will have no trouble finding an even better girl or at least better relationship that might help provide me with some motivation at least

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  • tell me if you figure it out, cause I would sure as hell like to know


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