Thinking of moving half way across the country for work. Is it a good or bad idea? Any experience or advice?

I won't bore you with the details not much keeping me here. Was thinking of moving from Ontario to Alberta for work about 2000 miles. Just wondering anyone done a major move like this have any advice. p.s. My ex is out there I didn't want to go then but am haveing 2nd thoughts.


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  • A friend of mine did this. She went from Manitoba to Alberta. She was offered a managerial job with lots of money, and support, and when she got there, they basically screwed her, and gave her pretty much nothing that she was promised, and a significantly smaller salary than what was agreed upon. It really sucked for her. She's alright now, but I remember hearing about it, and how she struggled. She had to borrow a hell of a lot of money off of my girlfriend, too. Still hasn't paid it all back.

    Sadly, she is not the only person I've heard these kinds of stories from My cousin did something like that for B.C. and another friend of mine went to Toronto once, too. If you're going to do it, make sure you have a lot of money of your own, saved up, to support yourself. Because while you can hear these companies promise you the moon, they may not always deliver, and there's not always something you can do about it. So yeah, if you do it, make sure you have the money you need to keep from being put out on your ass, but some dickhead screwing you on the deal.

    Good luck.

    • Was the job offer in writing? If it's not in writing it means nothing. They can say all kind of things and then later deny saying it. That's VERY common out in California, but much less common in the Midwest.

    • I don't know, personally. But also, keep in mind, this is canada, not the united states.

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  • You will lose your neighborhood, your friends. Sure now with the Internet, you might not totally lose contact, but still, you'll gradually drop off their message distribution.

    On the other hand you'll meet people you'd never have known, otherwise. And of course, it could be more favorable for work. Hopefully, you won't wind up traveling 4000 miles round trip at every possible opportunity, to reconnect with the old times!

    • I guess you have an idea what I'm looking at being your traveling 1/2 way round the world for work. So how is that working for you?

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    • Really think it through; this is flood country!

    • Ye got that right.

  • you get a restart on your life, sort of. I moved 1200 miles. you have to relearn a lot of stuff you take for granted. (where to live,eat, shop, basic cultural differances and such) it can be a good thing. I liked some of the things about where I am now but am thinking about going back eather home or west soon.


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  • Yes please ensure that you are protected with a contract. Don't believe words of headhunters or the companies.

    • I always admire people who have the courage to relocate..

    • No I'm not moving unless I have a guaranteed job.

  • i moved to a dif country for school. BEST DECISION EVER.

    • When you say country you mean like US to Canada or US to over seas?

  • If the work conditions are pretty good and you like the job and itself then just go for it


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