Women, how long before you lose interest?

So I met a girl a couple weeks ago and we went out later that week. I know she was interested and excited for that first date. It went fairly well - typical slight awkwardness of getting to know each other. It ended with a kiss and her referencing talking/getting together soon. Last weekend, we both had other plans so didn't get together. And I tried to set something up a few times during the week, though now didn't she seem as excited as before and during the first date. She was busy but agreed to go to lunch today before she was to get together with friends. Well this morning, she texts me saying she's getting her car fixed and it's taking longer than she expected. I offered to just pick her up and take her back when the car was fixed but she just said let's do a rain check.

Long story short: She was clearly into me a week ago, but now seems to be more into mundane errands and chores. Did she suddenly lose interest after only a couple days?

How long, once you start dating a guy, does it take without hanging out before you start to lose interest?


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  • You can't put a time limit on something like that. I'd say you've given her ample opportunity for a 2nd date, for whatever reason she's not interested.


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  • A few hours


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