Will he lose his interest?

Hi I went out with my ex yesterday. I should say about our last relationship, he is a nice and honest guy, however he isn't those gentle and polite dude. I dated him for a month and I knew a new guy who is very gentle and totally opposite from him, so I chose the new guy and left him. He was upset, and at that time it was almost his birthday and I made plans for him.. After being with the new guy a week, everything is a lie, the new guy lied to me about so many things which remembers me of me ex, who is always so honest. I texted my ex talking about what I mentioned, and he was like, "Im not interested in dating you anymore." Thus I just leave him alone.

Till yesterday, he wrote me and asked to hangout. It was great being with him again. I showed him my vacation photos and opps, accidentally showed him a shirtless guy photo. And he was like, so you met another guy durin your vacation eh, I keep denialing. I could see that he isn't happy about it, but he said its just teasing. He hasn't write me regarding the next hangout. Do you think he might lose interest? I saw his old girlfriends photos, and I'm the best looking one.


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  • Well, you sure showed him that you can find a new guy without a problem.

    It doesn't matter if you're the best looking one. If you don't know what you want, the guy will be fed up and walk away. I don't blame him.

    Ask him to hang out, if you still like your ex. Show him that you are genuinely interested. And delete that dude's shirtless picture.

    Your own damn fault for leaving him for an a**hole. You got what you deserved.

    To be honest with you, your ex shouldn't of message you to hang out after all that bullsh*t.

    • I had deleted the photo right after he saw that. I know it's mean to leave him at that time and another reason for leaving is because he doesn't have respect to women. He told me that he used to sex those girls who throw themselves to him, even if he doesn't like them and was joking about it which I felt very disgusted..

    • What? Well ,you should of known better. Just forget about him then.

    • Yeah So it will be better for just casual hangout with him and not putting anymore feelings. :)

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  • it's hard to follow what you wrote? is English not your first language?

  • (double-double facepalm)


    Once you break up, that's it. There's no going back. If you're really feeling it for a guy, don't break up with him. In all fairness, your ex answered your question quite directly when he said, "I'm not interested in dating you anymore." He lost interest when you dumped him; just because he wants to hang out every now and then, it doesn't mean he wants you back as a girlfriend.

    • Yeah fair enough, maybe he was just lonely and wanted my accompany. Actually I'm not really sure if I want to be with him again too..

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  • holy sh*t are you serioous. obviously he'll lose interest in you. you just became a total turn off. who cares if you're the best looking ex girlfriend. your looks aren't gonna make you win back your ex., you just showed your bitch mode to him. Just forget about him and find another guy, you fked up already

    • I know right, well it's not my intention to show him.

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