Would you stop talking to a friend because it got awkward?

Long story short, I've known this guy for several years already. We had started to see each other a few months ago but that ended badly and we became friends again. Lately, we've been hanging out more - watching movies together, going out, date-like stuff with cuddling and holding hands and things. I even met his mom! A few days ago, we got drunk together and I guess I'm a really talkative drunk and I must have said something. He texted me later saying that he thinks he needs to stop talking to me for a while because he can't stop thinking about me. Out of respect for him, I've backed off, but I'm sort of confused. I don't know whether he sees me as a friend or as a potential date and last time we tried to date, he ended up backing out. I'm not looking for a relationship, but am not opposed to one either but I seriously have no idea what this boy is thinking ^^;;


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  • He might be backing out not necessarily because you said something, but perhaps after a night of chatting he confirmed that he has feelings for you. He might need some time, if this is the case, to decide if it's worth it to pursue a more than friends relationship with you, which at the same time would risk the friendship you guys have.


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