What is she doing back in my life?

I'll try to keep it brief. We had a two month relationship. Good sex, good times, she was sort of fakely, would cancel plans..etc. Anyways, she avoids me for a while, then says she just wants friends with benefits, then disappears, then tells me over Facebook she can't see me anymore at all, and will give my stuff back to a mutual friend. I accept, within a week, she's back at my apartment working on a short film with me. Then this weekend she works on it again, and we hang out for a bit, smoke pot, she even left the door opened when she got changed because I had already seen her naked before. But she was getting changed off to the side of the room, I was stand off -ish.

Anyway, she keeps saying she needs to leave and somehow I manage to keep her staying longer without any resistance. We are outside, she's giggling just like when were dating. I want to kiss her, but don't understand what is going on. So I decide to confront her. I ask her why she said she could never see me again, then a week later is hanging out with me. She offered some explanations that made no sense, I called her on it, so she basically said "oh, I was probably being overly dramatic". Then she said "we're cool with being friend right?". I agreed, (although I'm not sure if I can handle it). Then we discuss a time to film together again, we hug, she leaves one her umbrellas behind because she already has one , and leaves.

Why is she here? I am so crazy about her, she's acting the same way I knew her when we were f***ing, but she's signally that she doesn't want a relationship. We openly talk about when we were dating and there's been a few references to both of us seeing each other naked.


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  • It sounds like she wants a hang-out buddy, but the relationship is history. If she really wanted a relationship with you, she wouldn't jeopardize her chances by asking if you were okay being friends. Any time you hear the "F" word from a woman ("friends"), you're finished.


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