Does my ex want me back or is he just playing with me?

I'm 19, he's 20. he was my first boyfriend, first guy I had sex with. we were together for 3 months. he broke up with me 2 weeks ago. we went on a camping trip with his brother and his brothers friends. I was having a horrible time because my boyfriend basically ditched me & hung with the guys the whole time, leaving me to be with a bunch of older girls who I've never met before( and I am a very shy and quiet person). when I told my boyfriend how I was feeling he didn't really do anything about it, so I left. the next day he broke up with me because he said I made him look dumb and embarrassed him.

yesterday I texted him and said I was sorry for what happened and that I wish we could give things a second chance. it was the 1st time we talked since the breakup. this was his reply:

"i do care about you but right now I cant. I do miss you. when I said I wanted to break up I did it in a nice fashion and then you went off on me saying I don't respect you and I'm not worth your time. like I said I obvi still have feelings for you but right now I want to be friends so we can at least talk to each other. its awkward how it is. I do still feel the same I just want to be on my own for a little bit" so I agreed, because I didn't want to beg & look pathetic.

we had this conversation yesterday morning around 10 am. then out of the blue last night, he texted me at like 9:45 and said "i miss you a little bit" and I texted back and said "i miss you a little bit too". but then he never replied. I am just so confused I don't know what to think. I want to be back with him more than anything but I don't know if he's just playing with me or not.

opinions? please only serious answers.


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  • I don't think he's playing games but I do think he's confused about what he wants. I don't think he should be contacting you and giving you hope by texting you "i miss you a little bit" (him saying "a little bit" is odd to me but anyway). You're right not to beg. Honestly, I wouldn't contact him anymore. Depending on what he texts you, you can respond but be guarded and have your wits about you. Don't respond immediately either. I'm only saying to respond so that you can feel out his motives. But don't let him string you along. He dumped you for a silly reason so I think it's possible that he'll come around and be able to give you another shot. But don't count on it.

    • i don't think you could have said this any better, I totally agree. and he said I miss you a little bit because when we were together we would always text each other saying I miss you or I miss you a little bit just in like a jokingly way, so that's where that came from, which is why that gave me hope but then when he didn't reply it made me feell ike he was justmessing with me

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    • Last night he tweeted "life goes on but it would be nice if you were along for the ride #truth" IM so confused this makes me think he only wants to be froends

    • It's best not to read into it

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  • He wants to take things slowly; it will take him some time to get over what you said to him. Make sure and paologize whenever you have a chat.

    Start with short messages such as the one you just exchanged; gradually make the messages longer and more frequent, but don't propose anything drastic in terms of getting back together until he hints at it.

    • i know you can't really put a time frame on it, but how long do I give him until I give up all hope? a few weeks, a month? I just don't want to wait for something that may never happen

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