Does my ex want me back or is he just playing with me?

I'm 19, he's 20. he was my first boyfriend, first guy I had sex with. we were together for 3 months. he broke up with me 2 weeks ago. we went on a camping trip with his brother and his brothers friends. I was having a horrible time because my boyfriend basically ditched me & hung with the guys the whole time, leaving me to be with a bunch of older girls who I've never met before( and I am a very shy and quiet person). when I told my boyfriend how I was feeling he didn't really do anything about it, so I left. the next day he broke up with me because he said I made him look dumb and embarrassed him.

yesterday I texted him and said I was sorry for what happened and that I wish we could give things a second chance. it was the 1st time we talked since the breakup. this was his reply:

"i do care about you but right now I cant. I do miss you. when I said I wanted to break up I did it in a nice fashion and then you went off on me saying I don't respect you and I'm not worth your time. like I said I obvi still have feelings for you but right now I want to be friends so we can at least talk to each other. its awkward how it is. I do still feel the same I just want to be on my own for a little bit" so I agreed, because I didn't want to beg & look pathetic.

we had this conversation yesterday morning around 10 am. then out of the blue last night, he texted me at like 9:45 and said "i miss you a little bit" and I texted back and said "i miss you a little bit too". but then he never replied. I am just so confused I don't know what to think. I want to be back with him more than anything but I don't know if he's just playing with me or not.

opinions? please only serious answers.

Does my ex want me back or is he just playing with me?
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