Why is he not talking to me at all?

So you know that older ex? The white one? Yeah well me and him managed to stay friends. We were both in a relationship and when he was single and I wasn't he'd say he still liked me. But I just stopped caring and stayed with my recent ex. Well now the old one has a new girlfriend. They've been together for a while. I'm cool with that and I thought me and him could stay friends. But no. Now he's not texting me at all, doesn't wave in the halls, doesn't make any contact with me at all. So I don't know what's up. The girlfriend could know about me from us texting or I said "Hey man wh***!" once in the halls and she may have heard about me and him then. But could it be her saying we can't talk? Or is he just being mean? What is up with this confusing guy?


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  • Hi,

    No one keeps up with the lives of users here.You have to explain the story fully.No one can just remember questions you have posted.So no,I have no idea of the back story you are speaking of.


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