How should I confront him? His YouTube makes me really uncomfortable!

Today I just randomly decided to check out the public YouTube page of my boyfriend of 5 months, and found some stuff I feel queasy about. First of all, he's posted several videos of him gambling. I don't understand the video or what he's showing. He's also "liked" and commented on dozens other videos of gamblers. He's told me before he only gambles when he goes to Las Vegas (like once a year) but I'm suspecting it may be more, judging from how much he seems to like it. But how should I even confront him about that? I'm against gambling but it's his money...

Secondly, he subscribes to and frequently comments on a hot coworker's videos, should I be extra careful? She's engaged to another man but she's reallllllly pretty so I'm kinda uncomfortable knowing how close they actually are. He hasn't commented on her vids since we started dating but still! We all work together and see each other a few times a week.

Now this is all on his public page so it isn't like I was snooping behind his back, but I have no idea what to do about this information I found out indirectly. Thank you for any advice.


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  • Gambling - There's nothing wrong with just asking him about it. Just tell him that you were checking out YouTube and decided to check his videos out and saw that he gambles a lot, just go from there. He technically doesn't have to explain himself to you though, because like you said, it's his money. He isn't asking you for money, so he apparently has it under control (hopefully, at least).

    Coworker - I wouldn't worry about this. She's taken and now he is as well. And you even mentioned that he hasn't even commented on any of her videos since you two started dating, so he's clearly stopped paying AS much attention as he did before. If you think he only did that to hide something, go by their behavior around each other. It's usually pretty easy to tell if two people are messing around, just by the way they are around each other.

    • Thank you! That really helps me think more clearly haha

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    • Thanks for BA :-)

    • Anytime. It was helpful :)

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  • You don't trust him... This gives you 3 options.

    A) Break up because a relationship with trust issues won't last.

    B) Stay together and watch everything fall apart because of your trust issues.


    • omg. you actually made me laugh. but thanks.

    • Additionally, you need to be more specific about the gambling. If he saves up like $500 to take to Vegas and loses it, what's the problem? Is it the best use of money? Probably not. However, he is buying entertainment, gambling is fun. It's not really any different than going to the movies or a concert. You pay a bunch of money for a few hours of entertainment. It's only a problem if he doesn't have the money, or if he goes over budget. You need to figure that stuff out before doing anything.

  • You let him live his life as he wants.


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  • First, it seems like he could have a problem with gambling (felt the need to tell you it was actually less than it actually was, which can be a pretty big indicator). And, if it's making you uncomfortable, confront him. Be honest, and tell him how it makes you feel. But, don't be surprised if he gets angry, and tells you to keep out of his business. But, if you don't tell him how you feel, then he won't know you consider it to be a problem. But, you have to remember, at the end of the day, it is his money (although, depending on how serious you're relationship is, that does in fact affect you) and he's allowed to do what he wants. Just be ready for him to tell you that, especially if he doesn't see anything wrong with that.

    I wouldn't worry about it since he stopped commenting on her videos since y'all have been dating. Only worry if he is still doing it (and even then, just because he comments on her videos, or they're very close, it doesn't mean he has any feelings for her). I wouldn't worry about that at all.

    • thank you for your advice. I do appreciate it.

  • You can tell him how you feel about it, but its his Youtube page, you can't really make him take anything down.


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