He told me an embarrassing secret & asked me not to tell anyone. Do you think he likes me?

I found it funny and I laughed, because he and I do that. He basically told me that he went to this wrong place for a stag party... he went to this other place that has a similar place... lol --- and he was like "don't tell anyone.

He also randomly touched my shoulder while talking to me and teasing me all day.

I was also talking to him about my niece and he turned to me and started to apologized because he said he zoned out. But he was just smiling and looking at me with his big brown eyes on how he stopped paying attention. lol -- granted I was talking about kids toys...

then we walked together for a little bit (because we work together) just around one part of our job and then back to our desk.

Do you think he likes me?


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  • maybe


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