Boyfriend won't let me move a muscle in bed?

i slept over my boyfriends house for the first time and I noticed whenever I make a slight movement, he gets really pissed off like "stop freaking out, just relax" and I have no idea what he was talking about. the room was really silent too with only the fan on if that helps. everyone moves, switches positions while they sleep. and he was being a hypocrite Because he would move around/change positions so I would only move around when he did it first so he wouldn't notice it as much and he still freaked out. also even when I try to snuggle up closer to him, he gets mad Because I'm moving. and I accidentally slightly touched his arm Because we were sleeping close together and he jumped up on the bed, and looked at me as if I was an intruder and/or forgot I was there, I thought he was gonna punch me in the face. I thought he was joking at first.

does he have anger management or is he just weird/retarded? also how do I sleep without moving any part of my body? even when I'm unconscious? thankyou.


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  • he sounds like he has temper issues


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  • He's better then me since I pretended to be asleep while kicking her to the point she went out on the couch. Win.


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  • He sounds like he is a very light sleeper and could possibly have some sort of mental disorder when it comes to sleeping with other people. He may really be afraid that someone will attack him or something while he is trying to sleep. I would just talk to him about it and ask him if there is any particular reason as to why he acted to weary of you sleeping next to him.

  • Does he have post traumatic stress disorder? I would feel so unsafe, not even being able to sleep normally without him getting pissed off! be careful with that one..


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