I can't stop thinking about my ex-boyfriend?

He asked me to Homecoming as a freshman in high school and we dated for probably just 2 weeks after that. He broke up with me, with some dumb excuse like "you're too special, I have no self control [with other girls]" or something. Throughout soph and jr year I didn't think of him much at all, but now we're seniors and all of a sudden I can't stop thinking about him?

He's the kind of guy who has a lot of girl friends and probably has dated at least a few, if not many, girls after we broke up. I'm kind of really shy so he was my first boyfriend and I haven't been in a relationship since.

I see him around in the hallways or at lunch and I just feel really nervous and idk... that feeling like I have a crush on him - but I don't! I guess I kind of want him to notice me or talk to me again (after we broke up we still talked but that gradually decreased to not even saying hi in the halls).

I often find myself looking through his Twitter (which he made long after we broke up, so I'm not even following him) and I feel so creepy u_u I'm really tempted to follow him, but that would be really weird if we haven't been talking right? And now that Homecoming is around the corner, I almost wish he would ask me and SIGH. What do I do, seriously.

Idk I feel really dumb and desperate still thinking about him when we went out 3 years ago.. but I don't know any advice? I'm already really busy with school and extracurriculars, but somehow I still sometimes find my mind drifting to him.

I guess I just kind of want to talk to him again, but would that be a bad idea?


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  • I don't think it would be a bad idea to attempt to talk to him again. I think if you're getting those feelings again they may be legit but you really need to sit down and think about why you're feeling that way.

    If you do decide to talk to him again, don't expect him to be receptive/responsive and definitely don't count on him still having feelings for you. If you're not comfortable with the idea of being friends then don't feel obligated to still talk to him just so you have him in your life in some kind of close capacity. Just be aware of the not-so-favorable possibilities of what you're getting yourself into by talking to him again.


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  • Those excuses were code for I wanted to hook up with you and that's it. Move on


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  • Ignore him, usually it'll grab their attention, and also just keep busy doing other stuff with friends. if you're busy you have less time to think. and befriend other guys, maybe you'll find one of them interest and forget all about your ex

  • the best thing to do is just talk to him...see if he's changed..see if I it's all just something built up in your head. maybe you're just super interested because he's no longer interested in you and it's a challenge/mystery you're trying to wrap your head around. I used to do that kind of stuff in high school. just realize and take the first step of talking and see how it goes from there. don't stalk him, that just worsens the obsession and you'll just want to get inside of head the more and more you know.


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