Do you think my ex boyfriend still likes me?

I had always had this feeling that my ex boyfriend still likes me. We work together at a fastfood place and he is one of the manager. I've express my feeling for him before and he rejected me saying that we wouldn't work out. Fair enough if he think so but I don't get why he isn't moving on. He hasn't been dating for the past 2years and he still get jealous when I'm close with other people. He told me he still find me attractive. I can still see that he misses me where in one occasion after he came back from a 3weeks holidays he was finding excuse to call me into work in days I wasn't meant to work. Just yesterday he was standing up for me when this other girl was teasing me. Not once but several times he was on my side defending me. Unfortunately, he will be leaving for a new job in 2weeks :( which mean I might not see him again. I didn't want to make a move anymore because I've already told him how I felt and he turn me down. Honestly, I feel he still likes me. Why else would he treat me this way?


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  • Many time people get confused for what they want may be he is one of them, just like me :-), but, I would say even friend can also behave like that.


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