I am so confused about my life right now. What do I do?

So I just graduated from college with my BA in Justice Studies. My whole plan was to graduate take a year off to work, then go to law school. I recently decided that maybe LS isn't for me, I would much rather go back for Social Work. My problem is I am 3 months out of college and I can't find a job! I don't know if I want to try to find a job with a big company and move out of state, or stay in my small town.. I am just confused. I have never lived away from home but I also don't have a ton of friends here. I feel like moving out of the city or state will allow me to start over, on top of the fact that I had 2 bad breakups within 6 months of each other and I am just really confused. I want to move somewhere and get a job but I think a lot about if the place I am moving would allow me to meet a guy I want too. I am just so all over the place. I don't know if I want to go to grad school, ideally I will just find a decent paying job with a great company and work a while then go back when I want but I feel like a failure if I don't go back to school and my family will look at me as a failure if I don't go back.


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  • I feel ya. I'm in a similar boat. Once I graduated with my BS in Engineering I wanted to find a job - anywhere that wasn't my home state. I ended up living at home for a year and working as a lifeguard while I applied for grad school since NO companies seemed to want to take me. It is super-hard to find a job right now, so I would suggest applying for grad school (you don't have to do LS if that doesn't sound as good to you) both where you are and all over the country - leaving and starting over is scary (I left and just started grad school) but I'm very glad to have done so. Once I get to know people here I'll be a lot happier than I was before.

    So, my advice would be to apply to graduate schools for the next Fall semester (they all require applications by December, usually) and try to find a local job just to stay busy and get by until you are able to leave. I do recommend leaving, by the way. Don't stop applying for the job[s] you want, but be aware that they are likely to not hire many people still.

    I hope this helped some!


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  • Isn't that the exciting part? Looking for a job & going wherever it may take you? You didn't expect to find a job in that field in your small town. There's a great big beautiful country out there.

    You can always move back to your home town or continue looking for a job close to it. Why would it make you a failure if you don't like the city you chose to move to? It makes you a winner being able to use your degree anywhere in the country.

  • I think you have to pick one (a guy or a career) and focus on that, first. you're trying to bite off too much at one time.

    • I really really want the guy :( but I don't have one so I don't know if I should focus on the career or on trying to find someone.

    • Then go for the guy

    • But there isn't a specific guy, it would be me out there just trying to find any guy

  • The advantage of working over school as an activity while you figure out what you want to do is that one pays while the other involves racking up debt.

    Move somewhere bigger if you can find a job, see how you like it and the city. If after a year you don't like it, you at least were hopefully breaking even and you learned something and you act based on that.

  • sounds to me like you've made the decision in your mind but are only not doing because you have some reservations. but those reservations seem to also put you in a bind in which your options are limited and you ultimately won't be as happy.

    i'd say move, go find the job you want where there are opportunities. you are young and can always go back to your hometown...right nowi think you will look back on in a few years as a real turning point. Either the moment where you took the comfortable route or the moment you decided you were going to take a chance. The Social Work field has many opportunities if you are willing to find them and usually larger towns and cities offer better opportunities for them. Like you said you can go to grad school when you are sure it's what you want to do AND a big plus is many companies will pay for a portion if not all of your graduate studies

  • Go back to law school and give it a try, otherwise you'll wonder your whole life about what it could have been. There's always time to give up, but don't give up before you start.

    Regarding your feelings, yours it's a pretty common existential crisis (end of college, finding your first job...), aggravated by your breakups. Don't let those feelings decide for you. Do what you think will make you happier in the long run.


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