How to get him back?

We broke up three weeks ago after dating for 7 months. I think we broke up because he has a fear of intimacy and he got scared. He said it was a hard decision. One week after the breakup, I sent a text explaining what I thought had happened. He said he was overwhelmed with other stuff going on in his life but that he didn't see us getting back together. Four days later, I ran into him outside my office building when he knows I go to work (he had no reason to be there) and he pretended not to see me (which was weird). Since then, I haven't contacted him and he hasn't contacted me. The question is: should I keep giving him space? And will that make him miss me and reach out? Or, because he has a fear of intimacy, should I keep reminding him that I'm thinking of him so he feels safe coming back?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I think you should take his word for it, that he's not coming back, and prepare to live without him. Whether it's just fear of intimacy or something deeper, he is showing you he isn't interested in working through the problems. Pretending not to see you, not contacting you...

    Give him space, but do't leave the space empty. Resume your single life, get out and meet people.


What Girls Said 1

  • You should not be talking to him and if you keep texting him your feelings I'm almost certain that will push him away further. He won't miss you just because you're not talking to him. Let me re-phrase: he may miss you but no more than he would if you were to talk to him and he was reflecting on the good in the relationship you had. It won't be a magic phenomenon that'll make him want you back. He hasn't contacted you so he's not interested in you in general. Move on.


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