I need to get the love of my life back, please help.

We are together and fully in love and never fought never had any problems. Until one day he said he was too dependent on me and lost his sense of self and wanted to take a break and when he was read why for a relationship he'd come back. And I can admit now I acted crazy...I did everything I could to get him back which only pushed him farther and farther away from me. I was like this all the way until school let out in May. I told him I was going to work on myself and he should too, like he wanted, and maybe we could try again after the summer. Admittedly the break up made me see a lot about myself and I feel a million times better and I was ready to be in a mature relationship. When I got back to school I found out he had a girlfriend , its very new and I know it isn't serious (and I've been told I'm prettier :x) I just want him back so badly, I never felt the way I did with him with anyone else. I just don't want to make the same mistakes I did before by trying to get him back and make him not want to. And now with this girl I don't know if its going to be harder or easier because he'll realize I'm better.


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  • Sorry but it's time to move on. The "love of you life" would want you back and he doesn't, meaning he's not the love of your life. Obsess with filling your time with school, activities, friends, anything to distract you from him and relationships. You need to be on your own for a bit and heal from the pain of the break up. It doesn't matter that you're prettier, richer, sexier, smarter, bigger boobs, etc. The fact of the matter is that he doesn't want to be in a relationship with you anymore or you wouldn't need to be asking this question. Sorry. Time does heal this pain even though you feel like you life is ending right now.

  • i hope this doesn't happen to me, we had a 'sort of break up' I'm not sure if it was, but I started sending him various emails, saying sorry, explaining myself and then told him I'll give him 2 weeks space & when he's ready he can come back to tell me what he wants/decided...its only been one week, I'm scared the same thing might happen, what if he moves on? I hope things work out for you, I really do. I mean, maybe he still has feelings for you, but he probably wants to lock them away on purpose because he doesn't want to be held back by emotions and really wants to move ahead in life? I know how hard it is, I'm going through it too, but try your best to move on. If he cares, if he wants you...he'll come back, if not, you would find that you've learnt to live without him! start seeing other guys. hope this helps, but honestly...i hope you don't have to go through all that, I hope he just comes back! :) xx good luck


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