Any pointers on moving along?

I began dating my ex in freshmen year of high school. We dated for about half of my first year, and throughout all of sophomore, and junior year. (We only spent half a school year together in school, he was a senior when we began dating, and well he graduated). And I must honestly admit I devoted myself completely to him. All the time where I would be in school I never took it upon myself to befriend any others or to have an actual social life outside of him. I know for a fact this was a majorly dumb thing to do, but at the moment I didn't feel like I needed any of that kind of stuff. . this has been the only relationship up to this point in life, and he had been my one and only friend. Literally. We broke up over the summer, and now that I'm back in school for my final year . .I feel a little unaccustomed to the overall high school feel. Yeah like I said, I willingly set myself up for this one, and I regret this truly. But any tips or anything like the sort on moving along, getting back "out there"?


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  • Definitely keep yourself busy and constantly doing stuff. Introduce yourself to people


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