How to give my ex boyfriend the sparks back? Help me, advice?

So we broke up one month ago. I met with him yesterday (rest of the information isn't that important and too long).

He told me that if the spark would come back, he would come back, if the spark doesn't come back, he won't come back.

He wanted us to talk to each other again (didn't talk before for 3 weeks long I wanted to give him some space and stuff), and I would talk to him like before we got together. not relationsship talk you know.

I'm just being myself but still a little bit nervous, but I was wondering if you guys&girls could give me some advice with giving him the spark back?

Like maybe this; Secretly reminding him of the good times we shared together especially where the sparks were.

Yes or no, and what else?

I'm being myself I don't really know (but have some guesses) what he liked about me in the first place. But I figured being myself is a start. So do you people have some advice about giving him the spark back? maybe do's and don't's

How will he get the spark back?

ps. 20 September is my birthday and I'm holding a little movie night. And I actually hope he would come & take me back then. It would be the best birthday/birthday present ever...

I know it's kind of hard in such short notice and realize is may take more time, but just thought you should know

So.. any advice, help..?


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  • Try to be the girl he fell in love we you both got together. Don't talk about "I love you, let's get back"... let the things happen naturally... Try to be her friend and be the best of yourself.


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  • How long did you two date and how old are you? 'Spark' isn't what keeps a relationship alive. If you dated for a year or less, then I'd say you just got past the infatuation stage. You get familiar with each other and things that used to give you butterflies will just be regular moments. Every relationship reaches this point, it can't be shiny new forever. As far as getting the spark back, you can't do anything really. He either feels it for you or he doesn't.


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