Is he genuine or leading me on?

This guy is a friend of mine but we're not so in the friend zone that we couldn't date.

he'll watch me whatever I'm doing, wherever we are together, his mood changes when I talk to other guys, he is always around. We communicate fine but I sometimes sense that he's thinking really hard of what to say next but doesn't walk away. He always says encouraging things and compliments me.

I tease him (playful insults, etc) and he's started to do it back but he won't always come back with something witty, sometimes he just says "thanks, you're so full of compliments", and "so you're saying I look stupid, thanks" when he knows I'm kidding. But then he makes comments to me in front of others about not dating me, but says he was only teasing..

I said while we were in a group that I was thinking of moving to another place and he was the only one to say "why are you thinking that!?" and actually sounded upset about it. Also, he was telling a story about his friend in another city and mentioned he was a really good looking guy so I said "what city? I think I'm in the wrong one." And he replied "A city."

Does he like me and can't tell me or is he leading me on?


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  • It does sound like he's playing with your heart especially if he states he's only teasing to his mates. His mates are usually ones to know first if he is into you and you can usually tell when a guy likes you if his mates are suddenly well into you.

    He either

    > likes you, but is unsure to admit his feelings

    > is playing the game

    > doesn't actually like you

    Why not ask him, may seem scary, but then you'll know for sure and won't waste so much time :)


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  • Sounds like a " Nice GUY " mommy's boy. Yes you are right, he likes you , he can't tell you , and is leading no one . Do you really want a guy that doesn't know what he wants ? Crazzzyyy stuff.


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  • ask I'm out. you'll find out pretty quickly.


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