How can I get my ex girlfriend back?

We broke up 2 weeks ago... she said that she wants to be friends and I tried to get her back without success.

We set up a meeting to talk in 09/28, but she said to not create expectations because she does not regret of breaking up with me.

I disappeared for a week now, but it's getting hard to stand...

What should I do?
she told me that she can comeback or not, but for now, she doesn't want to.


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  • The worst thing you could do is pressure her. Just keep in touch;, send her greetings on anniversaries or birthdays and live your own life. Enjoy your freedom while you wait to see what she will decide.

    Most likely she just wants a period of freedom from the pressures and restrictions of a relationship. Do't take it personally or as criticism.


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  • You can't do anything to make her get back with you. She'll have to want that for herself. And she's made it clear she doesn't want that. Don't expect her to come around and want to get back with you. It's more likely than anything that she won't.

    You didn't help the situation by asking/trying to get back with her so much. That just pushed her away even more, likely.

    • Also, about your update, she may have just said that to get you off of her back, honestly.

  • Then believe her! Sorry to say but if she doesn't want to be with you then there's really not much you can do you just have to accept it and move on.

  • Then I would believe her! If she is leaving it up in the air like that then just give her some space within reason. If it gets to be too long then tell her you've had enough. If she doesn't make a decision then I would guess there is another guy and she's feelin it out.


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  • I feel ya man, as I'm also interested in getting back with my ex. My difference is I'm the one who broke things off and we've been broken up for over a year. But in my case, she's also not interested in getting back together because she said she "killed" all of the romantic feelings she had for me after the break up, which I understand. But take it from me, if she's flat out not interested, there's nothing you can do to win her back. No flowers, no letters, no sappy love songs will change how she feels, Ik, I've tried. All that you can do is try to move on with you life, grow up a bit and mature into someone worth being with. Maybe one day down the road in the distant future, when enough time and space has passed between you, things might work out again. Ik that in my case, my ex only seems to be interested in things that are new and exciting, like this new guy she's about to start seeing. Things are over between us for the foreseeable future, though we're still close friends, but I still have a faint hope that maybe someday, years later, we can be together again. Until then, just try to improve your life and yourself and move on as best you can. Time heals all wounds, even heartbreak. Stay strong man

    • I'm interested in your story. Could you friend me when you get the chance? 'Preciate it!

    • Will Do Bettybets

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