His ex girlfriend is so different from me, how can he be into me?

There's this guy I've been talking to for a while. I came across his ex girlfriend on Facebook.

She is quite heavyset, has funky hair that is colored and dreaded, tattoos, seems extremely outgoing and like a fun gal.

Me on the other hand, I'm into high fashion, I'm thin and fit... love to dress really well, have designer things, but I do have some little bits about me that are outside of this "mold" but you only would know them based on getting to know me.

He's told me he finds me gorgeous, hot, pretty, etc. But his ex is so different- a huge difference has got to be personality. I'm a dud. I don't hardly go out, I'm an introvert... I dunno... we aren't a couple, but we have been talking a lot and just met a couple months ago.

I just can't get over how vastly different his ex is. Could he even be that into me? She seems like such a flavorful girl and I'm such a bore :-( He has no idea I feel this way, I only just happened upon her. Also, lately he has been pulling back a bit, and I'm not sure why. We do live far away, though, so it's not like we see each other often at all, only a few times in person. I do feel rejected sometimes and even moreso now, because looks just don't matter I guess. Those fade. I won't always look as good as I do now, so then what?


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  • guys like variety being different is OK he might like your diva thing one day , then like the tomboy thing the next , find things you like about him, then highlight those things and show him you hav a different flavor, life is about mixin it up sometimes


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