Boyfriend on dating website.. Whaaat?

So, my boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years, and we recently took a break and now are back together. While on our break he was experimenting on dating websites and now that we are back together he is still on it. I told him it bothered me but he says he's just on it to make friends. he's Talking to girls and flirting. Is it wrong that I'm jealous? I've heard people say I shouldn't get jealous because at the end of the day he's still my boyfriend and he's not actually meeting up with these girls but I can't help it. Should I just drop it or let him know, once again that it bothers me.


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  • depends on the website and how he is presenting himself.

    but in general I would say that I would not want my girlfriend on a dating site. I know some sites are for both dating as well as meeting new people (friends) and casual sex; however, if his profile is the same as when you were broken up then I would not be alright with it. I would basically feel like my partner was trying to sort of build a stable of options in case things don't work between us


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  • when he says 'to make friends' he means he is connecting with other potential partners so if you take another break he can go and meet up with them straight away. Yes, of course you should be concerned!

  • Lol, how did you find him if you weren't also on it ha ha ha ha enter exuse here ---------->

    • When we got back together he told me he had been on a couple sites. He has been on it while I have been present and we share a computer.

    • Ok OK, as far as exuses go this one is good! Jk, so what are you gonna do about this? I would ask if he's actually been with anyone since then.

    • I have asked and he told me he hasnt. He's honest with me about things so I believe him but I really don't know how to go about with this situation

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  • If my boyfriend did soemthing like this I would tell him to go to hell and leave, but it's because just get angry easily.. using this site for making friends is OK , but if he flirts there with other girls, I would find it disrespectfull, I prefer to be single than with such type


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