Dating a divorcing man, what to do?


I have started seeing a guy a month ago. He's currently divorcing his wife and it would take a while until the divorce is finalised because they are from a different country (from Europe and work in Asia).

At first it was a normal "hook up", I was not looking for anything serious. Then he started spending more time talking to me and seeing me more often. He wanted us to be exclusive. He also said that he knew the feeling he had for me and he would stop looking for any other woman and I would be the only one he's seeing. However he also said it would be until his divorce's finalised, then we could be "official", and be seen together in public. I like him but I'm not sure if I'm ready for a relationship. I was hurt badly in the past and been single for 3 years. He also has a young daughter who will go back with his soon-to-be-ex wife. He said all of his holiday would be going back to his home country to see his family and kid, and it might not be fair on me.

I'm a bit worried it might be complicated later on with all these baggages. I'm not sure how long it would take him to get over his wife, they were together for 8 years. The reason for the divorce was that he didn't love his wife anymore and issues between her and his parents. She still loves him and (as he told me) she is putting a lot of stuff on Facebook saying bad things about him to get their mutual friends' sympathy.

I'm still young, 24, he's a few years older. He married young and regretted it. I'm wondering if it's better to stop now and avoid the later complication or just carry on and see how it goes. I have no problem with him having a kid and taking care of his kid because my parents were also divorced. However I'm not sure if I would be comfortable with him spending all his holidays in the future to go back to see his family (if we continue and decide to be in a relationship).

Have you experienced a similar situation? What did you do? What would be the best option to take?

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Dating a divorcing man, what to do?
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