She didn't return my call after the first date.

so I went out with this girl and we met up in the city and spent about 2 hours bowling, drinking, etc. when I took her back to her car we made out for a good 3 minutes or so. intense passionate fantastic make out. I got the impression that she wanted me to invite her back to my place but I did not because I lived so far away. regardless, the next day I texted her that I had a good time, etc. no response whatsoever. then about 4 days go by and I call her to her voice mail as usual and suggested we get together and go away for the weekend(left on her voice mail). no response,...nothing. so what's the deal even though the date was great, I treated to drinks etc, and we made out and it was hot...why no reply was it because I didn't invite her back to my seriously confused. plus during the date she asked me how old I was and even though I look around her age I am 7 years older so I don't know if that mattered or not she didn't seem to care at all as we continously flirted throughout the night and hooked up, what gives...i really need honest opinions at least from a womans point of view...thanks


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  • She probabaly wasn't as interested


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