Little advice needed here - men and women opinion.

Today my girlfriend joined me in my lecture hall as school. She was bored so I gave her my computer to play around while I listen to the prof.

Fast forward , I come home and I turn on my computer from hibernation mode and it opens up her email. And the first email was an email transaction to her EX BOYFRIEND. I got really confused but I didn't react right away. Later tonight we got on Skype and were talking and usually we both talk about how our day went about. She talked about everything but didn't mention any money transfer to her ex.

I decided to confront her about it but first I went to the email and did a screen shot then after I refreshed the page , that exact email was deleted , I checked the trash can it go deleted as well. So I dropped the case and just told her I'm going to bed.

Anyone has an idea on how I should approach this or what exactly is going on ?


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  • Now I know this might not come of nice but I really mean it in the most un-insulting way possible to you...

    Sometimes, when we are grown ups people in our lives get into serious trouble and feel like they have no one to turn to and then one great person from their past pops into their mind and they seek them out for help even if things have happened since then. If they feel like they can trust no one, but this person with this situation it doesn't matter what happened they will go to them if that's all you have. That really great person can then choose to turn their back on them or continue to be a really great person and help them out. This is probably what happened with your girlfriend and her ex. You may feel like she is keeping some big secret from you, but it isn't her secret to share. Yes, she has a right to know if she is giving her money, but that doesn't mean she has the right to include others including her boyfriend. Being a good friend doesn't make you a bad girlfriend. If it was something that she was going through then yes it is important for her to share. Keeping a friends confidence is different. That is something that doesn't need to be shared and shouldn't be shared in a relationship. Please just realize that you have a really great girlfriend who is willing to help even an ex and move on. If this was something you should be included on, you would have been included...


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  • Did she make a money transfer with your money? If she did then you need to confront her. If it wasn't your money then I have no idea why she transferred money to her ex. Maybe he needs help.

  • She probably realized her mistake and deleted it hoping it would disappear before you could see it and start wondering about it.

    Is she on good terms with her ex, are they still friends? This sometimes happens, people are truly able to make up after a break up. He might have been in need of some money and she ended up helping him for one reason or another.

    So you never ended up talking to her about it? It could be something harmless or it could be something more, it's anyone's guess really. If it's going to keep bothering you just ask her to be honest with you about it, and hopefully she will be.


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