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ok, well there's this really hot girl in my class who I think has taken a liking to me. we were going getting coffee with another classmate and she ended up buying me a coffee. she also seems to be interested in my ex as well, as we just broke up about 2 weeks ago. she suggested I should make her jealous by going out with a really hot girl lol I was thinking well go out with me then lol. were all in college By the way. my ex also goes to the same college. this girl is really nice and very hot, she always plays with her hair around me when she's around me. but I don't know if I can handle a relationship because I'm working and going to school full time. afraid I wouldn't be able to give her the attention she deserves. so many hot girls at college an a lot of them seem to be into me lol its crazy, how can I settle for one? at the least we can become friends. then maybe something more when I'm done college and have time an the energy to do a relationship. also she's 20 I'm turning 25 this month
for a pick up line I'm thinking something like this, "well since you got me coffee the other I was wondering if I could take you for a coffee?"


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  • Happy early birthday! The only way it will work is if you be honest. Let her know you are busy and if she's willing to work it out or just wait it out. Let her make that decision so she knows you value her input.


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  • If you don't have time then don't date her.


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