Does her story about her fb status and her ex sound legit?

About a month or two ago I went on 5-6 dates with a girl, we got along really well. One day we both kind of decided we were moving fast and maybe we didn't have a lot in common and decided to stop talking now before things got serious

Fast forward to now, It had been basically 3 weeks since I talked to her. But I couldn't stop thinking about her while no contact but I didn't want to get into any drama after we decided to stop. Anyway she texts me two days ago out of the blue and tells me she missed me and the two of us kind of decided we still really liked each other and wanted to try it again.

However yesterday I look at her Facebook page again and she is listed "In a Relationship" but it doesn't list a name of who she is in a relationship with. I text her calling her out, saying what the heck is that about because she wasn't listed as in a relationship three weeks ago the last time I talked to her.

Her story was "After we stopped seeing each other, my ex and I decided we should try dating again. Two days later we both realized it was not a good idea and we are better as friends. I have a lot of kids I teach and their parents as my friends on fb and I didn't want the awkward comments and people seeing on their timeline that I was no longer in a relationship two days after getting into because I was kind of embarrassed. I hope that makes sense".

It says in a relationship but doesn't list with who, so to me either her story is legit or she is dating someone without a FB. What is everyone elses opinions because I really don't know what to think about this?


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  • I think her story is legit. I can understand that explanation and would probably do the same if I was in her position. But you never know! If she has had many previous partners then I think you should be careful, she as almost certainly hooked up with her ex; thinking about it her ex probably just lied to her about getting back together just for sex...


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