What's the longest you ever went without communicating with a man/woman you like alot?

I was just wondering...Have you ever liked someone but had to chill on dating him/her because you had priorities that got in the way? For the woman...did you have to stop seeing him for a little while until he accomplished a goal? Did you ever get connected again? Was it the way you felt about him or her that got you two back together again? Did you think about dating others in the mean time or did you just think about that one person? How did it go? Share your story...


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  • I'm sort of in that situation. Well, mine is very complicated but I go several days if not a couple weeks without seeing a guy that I like a lot. He's got other priorities and I totally expect him to take care of his own things but it is hard to know what to do. It's hard to know if anything will ever work out and if I'm wasting my time, but I genuinely like him and I think about him everyday. I keep hoping for an opportunity for us to get closer but at the same time it's so complicated and confusing that I'm just not sure anything will ever happen for us. Sometimes I think there's such a great connection that it'll get us through and other times I think I should just move on because I'm setting myself up for disappointment. That being said, I truly believe that whatever happens will happen for the best. I have to believe that if it's mutual and it's a real love or connection then something will work out. If It doesn't work out then I have to think that it just wasn't meant to be. I've been with someone else but it doesn't compare to the connection I have with this other guy and it's very sad. I'd say that if dating others happens, it happens. If they fall in love with someone else in the mean time then you have to believe that it wasn't meant to be and that there is someone else better out there for you. Hope for the best but realize that life must continue on. I do believe in soulmates, not that we just have one but may have several in a lifetime and if someone is your soulmate, that person will never leave your heart no matter if you move on or not. That's how I feel about this guy. I truly love and care about him and if he chooses to live a life distant from me then I believe that's what's best for him and I want what will be best for him because I care about him. It's hard but at the same time only time will tell. :)

    • Yea. I am about to send you a friend request. I am in the same situation. He is trying to accomplish a goal in a sport. No doubt we realllllly like each other. I just basically sent him a pic recently. I said a few words to encourage him and text him that I don't know the future but I plan on being here when he is ready. I think I gave him something to think about. I have been kind of spying on him on a social website and he seemed more energetic. I think he been thinking about me. Try it.

    • I sent that message in that way to let him know that although I want to wait for him someone else could come along or there is a different plan. I have also noticed that he logged into a social web (Facebook) that me and him are friends on. He canceled it a month ago and now he is back on. I think you should send him a pic to remember you. He may not respond but behind closed doors he may be viewing that pic and thinking what if? What if you are not there is what he is going to be thinking.

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