My crazy WhatsApp Dilemma

What I am about to ask you guys is so crazy even posting it anonymously on this page was thought twice. My boyfriend and I we've been together for almost 2 years, he cheated on me on the beginning of the relationship but I gave him a chance and he changed deeply.

I have a friend who is very beautiful and is known to pursue "innocent" yet flirty relationships with her friends ex-boyfriends. So even though I think she is an amazing person, that trait always puts me awry. My boyfriend he lives very close to her, she lives in the same building as his sister. Once after Thanksgiving dinner they shared a cab right after she was telling me about how the ex boyfriend of my best friend was pursuing her...And It freaked me out, I became obsessed on watching their Whatsapp status to find similar timetables (a prove to me they were talking). It's been a year and at first I did not find anything...Some occasional coincidence...But lately I've found more, more frequent. Right now he is on trip on a country with a 7 hour difference and they were online and offline at the same time during a period of 2 hours (here it was 00:00 to 2:30 pm). I have asked him

Several times if he likes someone else, to tell

Me and We can broke up, he always says no, that he loves me very much and to please trust not only that he loves me but that in the event of another girl he would immediately inform me. Yet this coincidences on whatsapp are more and more I crazy? Is this just coincidences? Or there's something there?



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  • You're asking the questions of him. What you want to know is if he is talking to this woman at all versus asking him if he loves someone else. If this girl, your friend, has a fascination with the area he is in, or is just naturally up that late, and no one else, they'll talk. There are many explanations that you need to consider.

    Mind you I understand that your basis is sound as he did fail you once and she does have a track record for the behavior. I don't think it so much a coincidence as it is more a question of actuality; if they are talking should you be concerned instead of assuming they must be talking and if they are talking they must be flirting. Accusations are the best way to encourage people to hide things.


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  • holy hell. You don't trust him despite saying that you do. You don't trust your friend, either. It hink it's time to reevaluate.

  • You are deeply crazy.

    You don't think that it's just co-incidence that you've been watching them for 12 months, EVENTUALLY they would have to sync up by random chance?


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