My ex wants me back but I like a new guy?

My ex wants me back he told me that I've "grown up" and he wants me back Because " I'm the woman he wants me to be for him now" yada yada we had our ups and downs but more downs and we we're on and off for 8 months about 4 times. He really hurt me & I think he just wants me back b.c he is lonely but maybe I'm wrong.

The other guy I barely know we have only been talking for about a week and a half almost 2 weeks he lives 40 min away no problem really he just got out a relationship just like me & we both agreed to take it slow and plan on going on a date next Saturday. He got dumped too b.c his ex broke off the engagement & he has told me he has no plans of getting back with her after that ordeal.

I know it sounds like I should pick the 2nd guy but I don't know yet I have history with my ex and we had good times but more bad & I don't want to get hurt like that again but I'm confused and don't know if he has changed. The 2nd guy is a little reserved but I understand why and he is more willing to go to church with me than my ex do you think my ex has changed or should I just not talk to him at all?


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  • well the fact you have been off and on so many times stands out as a big clue your both trying to make something of nothing. you are just to opposite for each other and its time to move on. like you said you have a history with him and people don't live in history they live in the present. move happy. best of luck


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