Worried about running into ex girlfriend at bar any thoughs

things ended badly a couple weeks ago , but we go to a lot of the same bars/clubs and I'm sure to run into her again at some point . I'm worried what to say or do if anything when I see her and how I'll react if I see her with another guy . guess this is common after a breakup to worry about this , I just don't want any more trouble and don't want her to think I'm following her around just cause were at same bar .


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  • Just ignore her. Your relationship is done. What she does with other guys is her business. And if she goes around hooking up with guys to get you jealous, well, she'll just look like a slit Nd you'll have digity


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  • Be civil, act like a gentleman, if you act like a DIKc other girls there will see you and then you have zero chance of finding someone new. If you see her say hello, smile and move on, unless she engages you in a conversation. Then be civil and act like a gentleman.

  • If things ended extremely bad I would not look her direction at all and continue on with my night.

    • yeah I was wondering about that too , I might need to totally avoid her at this point until I see some evidence she's ready to say hi or talk to me again , I doubt she wants anything to do with me at this point . one bar is really big so even if she is there I should be able to avoid her

    • Yeah, that's the smartest thing to do until you both are on good terms again.

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