How to tell if a guy is genuine?

long story but after 10 months this is the first of me getting back with my ex we broke up because I found messages he was sending to other girls but he was always trying to get intouch with me through this period and I ignored him as obviously I did not trust him although I love him and now back together I have forgiven him as he didn't cheat but always have a doubt in the back of my mind that he's not all that honest and I don't know why as we have talked and swears he loves me and no one else wants to be with me nut can't help thinking he's just saying the right things he also got back with a ex of his very quickly after me and discovered his family all have her as friends on fb which he says is nothing I have a weee boy as well and don't want to make the same mistake again of introducing him and I end up looking like a mug again any advice would be grand :)


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  • mmm look ! maybe he is inlove with you for real , but the best way to figure this out is NOT TO get sexually engaged with him so fast ! I mean don't give him what he maybe looking for until you are sure that this wasnot the reason he came back to you ;)


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