What do I do about this?

My ex is here at my house right now with his new girlfriend. He is friends with my sisters's boyfriend. I broke up with him but he still is friends with my sister and her husband. I don't want him back but I kind of admit I'm jealous. I don't know why if I'm glad he found someone else. It just all feels so awkward since maybe I'm not with anyone. I feel outcasted especially from my family. This is the reason why I never really brought my boyfriends over my house. Families would get attached to them and you can't just make them go away. His girlfriend hates me already not even knowing me because I was with him before her. Even though she is a lot more attractive than me. She looks better than me and now she will look at me and see what did he see in me. I feel horrible and wish I would've never brought him around or sometimes even had a relationship with him. It's like he's throwing it in my face when in reality I am very happy for him. It's just the awkwardness sucks.


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  • wow you are very mature for letting them in

    i can't believe he brought his new girlfriend over with him to his exes house! he must know that there was a huge chance an argument or a fight would have broken out, unless he wants to make you jealous and want him back he's doing it to rub in your face about moving on from you.

    why is he even at your house? can't he just visit your sister and her boyfriend at their own house and not yours?

    • My sister was hanging out here and he needed her boyfriend to fix his car. They didn't come in they stayed outside and I went outside to tell him Hi and I saw there was a third person there. He said Hi and he asked how was I and he saw I sounded sick. So he asked oh your sick I said yes and that was it. She didn't even say Hi. I haven't met her officially but she might be snobby. We were together for 3 1'2 years. I just don't want her to hate because I'm not trying to take him away from her.

  • He is being very disrespectful towards you and your family shouldn't even allow him to do such a thing out of respect for you. Is this the first time he's brought her over? If so maybe you should talk to your sister and her husband about how it makes you uncomfortable with him bringing his new girlfriend over to his ~ex- girlfriend's~ house. smh

    And do not put yourself down about her being prettier than you because obviously she's not if she's hating you for no reason.


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