Can't get her off my mind. What can I do?

I mentioned this girl last year when I first joined (sorry can't give away who I am, Don't want to get busted!).

A little back story is I've known her for a while now (6+ years or so) and I've liked since the first time I laid my eyes on her (cheesy, I know but I'm dead serious). I've never made a move because my mother is dating (you could say their married with how long they've been together) her uncle. Our families are very close so I've never made the move to respect their wishes (my mother's and her boyfriend).

It's been a year since I've seen her. This was when we went to a ball game together and we really hit it off. Before we have hung out and she's even kissed me on the cheek (she never did this before nor does she does this with any of my family members when we're together). I was drunk (so was she) so I didn't think anything of it, which I regret.

Anyway, I haven't seen or communicated with her in over a year and I still to this day think about her quite often. I constantly see her in my dreams and when I do, it's always romantic. And anytime I try to connect with a girl, I think about her which has affected me from being involved.

I hate to say the word but I think it's an obsession. It's not like I always stalk her and wonder what she's doing, it just comes out of nowhere.

It's killing me. I want to be with her and I think I should be with her but I just don't know. What can I do to get her off my mind?


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  • Omg please tell her or at least find out because at least then you can know and figure out a clear decision on what to do,if she likes you great if not you can move on and you guys will be cool about it as long as you don't make it weird just treat her like everyone else like a stranger.


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