How come it took me a while to know she was manipulating me?

I left my ex girlfriend for her. my family did not see me as the same guy while I was dating her. Now she is at deployment work up and I ended it with her. The biggest mistake I made was leaving my ex to be with her. Now that I look back I really don't see how I could be so vulnerable to her. All she was given me was money and sex and I felt like I was under her control but I just noticed it now that she is gone. What take a guy so long to notice this? For almost a year I was vulnerable and under her control


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  • People that are manipulative are trying to get something from you. So, they aren't going to make it obvious to you, because people don't like to be taken advantage of. Manipulative people are excellent at slipping under the radar due to this. Plus, it's karma baby. That's what you get for leaving a good woman to pursue another one, you got burned and you DESERVED IT! Lesson learned eh?

  • Many of us have been in your shoes. In my case, I spent 4 miserable years being manipulated and used and not even realizing it. And like you, I dumped a great guy to be with him.

    The best thing you can do now is accept that she wasn't the person you believed her to be and that like all human beings, you made a mistake. You recognize now that you were wrong so please try to forgive yourself, learn from your mistakes, and move forward.

    And feel sorry for her next victim, lol, because if she is anything like my ex, there will be MANY victims in her future.


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