There is a rumor the US government is gonna nuke my city, opinions?

There is a rumor circulating that a US air force official leaked information that president Obama had nuclear weapons moved to the Harbor of my city. The same day that these weapons were moved our govenor issued a statement saying that there was worry that syria might nuke us because we are a big port town. Any opinions on this? is there any credibility behind it? etc
again this is a rumor so I don't really think there's much evidence other than stipulation if their was evidence it would be a fact not a rumor


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  • yeah... Syria would never launch such a strike, even if they had the capability. What do you think would happen to Assad and the whole country if they ever pulled a move like that? Assad wants to keep the fighting as contained as possible because in his bubble atm, he is winning. Attacking the U.S. mindlessly would be nothing more than a suicide run.

    • exactly doesn't mean that American people aren't ignorant enough to believe it is true XP

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  • Syria doesn't have nukes. I can't imagine your governor is that stupid. He is probably using it as a sorry attempt to convince the people of your town that Obama is endangering you.

    • well no he/she was saying that we have to fear syria, but then people were trying to put 2 and 2 together supposedly it is a ploy to get people to want to go to war

    • The government in Syria is barely holding on. It would be suicide to go to war with us. Even if we were already at war, any action on US soil would escalate it until the government forces were wiped out. It's either supreme stupidity or manipulation like the kind you suggest.

    • yeah that was my thought process I doubt anyone (especially one whose government is so weak right now) would actually try anything

  • Stock up on fresh water, food and also tin foil head hats link if any of you think it's a possibility.

  • Your profile says: Virginia, Aruba

    Aruba? link

    I don't think they will spend an expensive nuke on that. Maybe 500 Marines.

    Or it would be Aruba Virginia. I don't think the Pentagon will bomb Lexington.

    • ay you know I gott stick to that false ish life because I don't really know bout that life XP

  • gullible


    easily taken in or tricked

    easily deceived or cheated; naive; credulous

    • so could go either way, people are easily taken in by the lie that we were nuked by syria, or the people are easily deceived that were gonna get nuked

  • Sources?

    It's all bullsh*t. Syria can't get a missile to fly that far, and they sure as sh*t aren't nuclear.

    • lol I don't know of any I'm just at a military school so when I hear them talk about a air force I typically believe them although I have no idea where they heard of it. I just think its strange this is coming so soon after 9/11

  • I'm sure the government will do a lot to convince the masses that war is necessary and that everyone should follow them and not ask questions, but I don't think they'd go that far.

    • That was my thoughts, I said maybe a bomb but nuclear warfare? I mean that's just a bit ridiculous

  • Probably not. Was my answer offensive to you in any way?

    • I ask because I got a offensive comment warning and its got me kinda paranoid about what to say.

    • oh well in that case, REPORTED lol jk though that's pretty gay

  • This story reeks of bullsh*t.

  • I wouldn't worry about it to much.

  • this question makes me LOL...


  • You right-wing nutjubs have reached a new low.

    • our govenor is right wing, doubt he/she would help Obama...

  • Obama is the biggest wimp in the world and that was obvious with his handling of the Syria situation. He yapped his mouth when he shouldn't have, acted all tough and got schooled like a child by Vladimir Putin. I think that America should be more concerned about being nuked then anywhere else, but not by our own nukes.

    • true he isn't very intimidating

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    • ignorance is a hell of a drug

    • Agreed my friend, agreed.

  • Sources? This would be possible as our government makes up many reasons for war but I doubt this story

    • yeah like I said I don't know its rumor and speculation, but they have made up things before so I'm kinda worried like oh sh*t if it is true then I might want to leave real quick lol XP

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