Working on getting my ex back. Have you guys got any advice for me?

I'm a guy, using my friends account. I broke up with my ex 9 months ago. I was battling depression and anxiety together, everything made me agitated! We would fight a lot. I finished the relationship then. She added me as a friend last week on Facebook, we have being chatting over and back. I asked her why she added me ( I thought she hated me ) she said - she wanted to! I left it at that. We were have funny conversations after that! We didn't mention the break up or the past.. I really miss her and still love, I'm afraid to tell her :(. Have you guys got any advice for me?


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  • You and I are in the same boat, so I'll tell you what's happening with me so perhaps you can keep it in mind. After seven months of emotional dancing, my ex and I got to a point where we were talking every day, being friendly and even talking about some tough emotional stuff. He was practically treating me like we were together again, right down to even buying me gifts/lunch and cuddling me in public. Recently, he tried to apologize for the way he was behaving towards the end of our relationship (both of us had individual problems that were piling up, and he had a freak out and dropped everything on the spot.). Anyway, he knows that I still have feelings for him, but I took that moment to tell him that it only made me sad that he didn't want to try again now that we are improving. He went off on how he didn't love me and you couldn't force a relationship. That was my threshold, and I put my foot down, stopped answering his texts even when he started sending me messages about how he wanted the best for me and could we please talk this out over lunch and I should never doubt that he does in fact miss me alot. I have answered him very slowly and not nearly as openly as I have in the past. It seems like that has shaken him up a bit, though I still get nervous he doesn't care after all.

    The point I'm trying to make to you is make sure she sees your worth, but don't hand yourself over on a silver platter like I did. Granted, I think in my situation, suddenly pulling away will make my ex think twice about whether I'm an easy option, especially after having three weeks of such good bonding. But don't let anybody run you around, say what you mean, don't play games and make sure she sees you are an asset to her, but not someone who can't function without her (even if it feels that way!).

  • Just tell her. that'sall xD

    or ask her to go somewhere with you, then tell her face to face, or get the mood on and kiss her blabla just normal sh*t. Pretend for a second you 2 never dated, and see her like a girl you have a crush on. just do what you would do if you 2 never even had a relationsship and ask her out ^^


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