How to convince my boyfriend I never cheated on him?

My boyfriend is convinced that I've cheated on him, and now he's thinking about moving to another city with his friend. I love him so much and we're supposed to get our own place in 6 months, I don't want him to leave. But no matter what I say he won't believe me. Any ideas?


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  • Seems like he wants to believe what he wants to believe. Sure would make running off to a new city with his buddy a lot easier. Sorry hun.

    But hey - you are young and likely to meet several great guys before you turn 30 so - don't sweat it!

    I know, easier said than done...but - did you really think this was 'forever'? In this day and age, relationships just don't last 'forever'. That's our grandparents generation. Now a days, a LTR is lucky to go 10 years (if that) - and that includes marriages with children!

    Not saying its good/bad. Just that it is what it is. He sounds like he wants to move on and using this excuse as a catalyst. And no offense to you, but if he is your aged, I think he is probably on the right track.

  • lie detector test- even that's not 100% though. the gesture itself of being willing to take one should be enough to convince him


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