Is there any point in relationships?

Hi, basically I'm 7 weeks into a nightmare breakup with a cheating ex. I'm doing OK I'm a lot happier now and I'm looking to my future. The problem is I have a little trepidation about future relationships. I gave everything in the last relationship, I treated her like a queen and looking back she never respected me or loved me. I aren't bothered about that now because its in the past and I can't change anything anyway so why get upset? But I'm worried the same thing will happen in the future so I'd like to ask are there people in relationships where the love is equally shared or at least somewhere near? Thanks


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  • You have to realize you are #1. You are strong and deserve someone great. Beware of warning signs early, if she isn't right, don't force it.

    Now you know why guys are players...


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  • Everything in the universe has a relationship. It's all connected; but I get what you mean I think you mean labeling it ? No there is o use for a relationship labeling it doesn't granting anything !

  • I struggle with this too.

    I think you have to heal yourself and come at relationships from a positive perspective. Also, to have the gumption to walk away when someone isn't treating you like an equal in a relationship ... no matter how lonely/horny/attracted/infatuated you are.

    I've read that people can get into a bad pattern of getting into relationships where they are the "pursuer" because winning that person over is like validating that all they were worthy of love in all of the other relationships. But it's unhealthy because it means you keep getting in unequal relationships. So make sure you break that train of thought and think "I want a girl who treats me like I matter" instead of getting caught up in winning someone over, etc.

    That's just what I've read in many dating books, anyway. It makes sense, really.

    • Hi thanks for the answer, yeah I'm definitely only going to get involved with someone if they put as much effort as me, but I worry that no one will! Is this just a natural thought post break up?

    • I think so... Or I hope so, at least! :)

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