Guys would this conversation turn you off?

Okay, so this guy and I have been seeing each other on a regular basis for almost 6 weeks now. Things are going good, both his body language and actions confirms that there is a mutual interest there. Now my career is about to take a busy turn and I could easily consume myself in it for better results moving foward. So I would like to have a conversation with said guy basically asking if he sees this relationship moving in the same place as I do, or if he is just playing it out to see how things go. I really like him and am willing to share my time with him, but, I do nit want to be strung along If ge isn't feeling it right now. As a guy would this conversation come off "needy" or would you take it at face value?


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  • Not at all if you're concerned with focusing on your career while still spending time with him.


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